I got a new laptop from work this week. I've been slowing getting all of the software on it so that it is fully usable. I installed Gentoo Linux on it, as I have become a big fan of it recently. Also, with the recent moves of Red Hat, I think something new and different was worth a try.

Well, now that I have this new laptop, I want to organize the HUGE mess I made on my previous laptop. I probably have 20 gigabytes of data that is strewn throughout the laptop in many different locations and just not really organized. I want to try and take this data and put it in a much more organized format. I also want to clean off any excess data to make the system a bit cleaner. One of the big goals is to get documentation and other files that should be more easily located up to my web site at work. I really want to expand this site from its current state in to something much more useful. I've already put many of the tools in place. It's front end is a MT blog. I also have a few static web pages on it, that I really need to move in to MT to make it much more of a CMS. I also have a wiki up on the site that I have been using a bunch, but I have much more which should/can go up there.

I figure if I can really organize all of this stuff, it can make working much easier. If I don't have to think twice about where i put things, it means extra time to actually work while there. Also, I can use the resources on the web to point other people at the company to and limit the amount of support I end up doing.

I'm hoping over the course of the next week to get this all set up, so when I return to work after Thanksgiving I have a much better operating environment.

Also, hopefully getting my computer organized will lead me to get other things organized in my life.


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