KMFDM - Boston - 11/01/2003

I went to see KMFDM last night at Axis with Tim. There was an opening band called Bile or something who were on stage when we got there. They were not all that great, though Tim claims their older stuff is better. Though PIG was supposedly going to play, I heard that someone was sick or something. I'm still not 100% sure of what was supposed to go on, as Raymond from PIG came out and did almost the whole show with KMFDM.

KMFDM started off the show with WWIII with the same intro from the new album. The set list was ok. There was too much off the discs I'm not a huge fan of/haven't listened to much, like XTORT, Adios and ATTAK. They did play some good stuff though. I was disappointed in the lack of songs like Anarchy and Drug Against War. The worst part was the one song encore when they were supposedly scheduled to play for another 20 mins or so. The band did sound good all night though the vocals were a little low in the mix for much of the night.

Lucia Cifarelli is totally cute, she was fun to watch :)


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