A while back, I heard about Dashboard. It's a program to associate information from many different programs and join it all together. It seemed really neat at the time, but I didn't have the time to dig in to it much.

Recently I started thinking about it again and took a look and see that nothing has been done on the project in over 3 months. This sucks. This seemed like it would be a great program to help out organizing information and using it in new ways.

The biggest obstacle to overcome when I originally looked at this project was the lack of projects supporting it. Many required patches or CVS releases with patches. Not fun to try and rebuild a all sorts of applications just to support one product.

I was really hoping in the few months that I wasn't paying attention to this product that some of that work would have been fully integrated in to applications and maybe even some support from more applications.

Well, hopefully Nat & crew will pick up work on this again some time soon. Maybe I will even drop him an e-mail and see what the status is.


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