Ring Ring ...

Watched Phone Booth last night before curling up with HP5.

I liked it. I thought it was a cool psychological thriller. Showed how someone can break down the human spirit in many different ways. Keifer definitely did a good job with the voice of the crazy guy in this one, was really believable. I thought the dialog was good too and since the movie was pretty much based on dialog, it had to be in order to make this movie anywhat good. (hmm, is anywhat a word?). I thought Colin pulled off his part well as well. Going from the slick hipster to a babbling idiot who looked like he was ready to pee his pants was an interesting transition. A good movie. Nothing spectacular, but worth watching.

Biggest disappointment was the lack of Special Features on the DVD. Just a commentary and some trailers. BORING.

Definitely makes you think never to answer a pay phone though :)


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