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I finally finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix last night. I thought it was good. Definitely flew through it (when I read). People have said it was darker than the earlier ones. Yes, I definitely see that, but I see it much more of a coming of age story in this book. Harry is struggling through things that all teenagers suffer through. Don't you remember this time in your life? You were old enough to not be a little kid anymore, but were still not old enough to be an adult? I remember going through all sorts of struggles at this time in my life. Things like trying to figure out who I was and who I wanted to be, what I was looking for in life, etc. Hating the world, hating adults, not understanding the opposite sex, etc. I think it was well portrayed in this book.

Overall, it was a good book. Don't really like the fact that I don't know when the story is going to continue, because I felt like this one was way more of a cliff hanger than the earlier ones. I think she did a good job continuing the story along and moving it towards the final two books.

I think some of the subplots in this one are going to be expanded on a lot more in the next two. I think some of the characters introduced in this one are going to show up much more strongly in the next two books. I think more will be killed off as well. Hell, the author even hinted that she may kill Harry in the last book, so you never know.

Well, I'm not great at writing these, especially when I want to keep details of the story out of the review, so I'm done now.


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