Bad Days, Strange Nights ....

Well, Tanya seems to be having a bad day or at least one where she is thinking of bad things and Lukas seems to be dealing with a bunch of stuff that he really shouldn't have to. Though I'm not having a particularly bad day, at least no worse than any other, I did have a strange night.

After some debating with myself, I decided I was going to go down and see a couple of my friends play. As I got down there, I noticed they weren't playing. That's no fun, especially since I dragged myself out in the freezing cold to see them. As I got to the door, I did notice that two new friends are mine were in there. So I went in to talk to them quickly and was going to head to my regular bar for a drink. Well, we ended up talking for over an hour, in which (because I kept thinking we would be done in a minute), never ordered a drink (which was somewhat of a nice protest to my buddies not playing ;) When we finally parted ways, I headed over to Sissys to grab one or two drinks and then head home. Well, while walking over, I bumped in to one of the managers and he said they had just closed because of a lack of business. I did have one other friend playing around town, but I am not really a fan of the bar he was in, so I just headed home. So, now I sit here at home, having spent 2 1/2 hours or so out of the house to just sit and talk with some friends. Spent $2 in total. Very strange.


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