Exciting Weekend

Or maybe not. Tonight is going to be the all too wild laundry and movies night. I currently have Insomnia and Pecker from Netflix. There is also a possibility that I will get Spide-Man today, or else tomorrow from them. Also, I still have Black Hawk Down on DVD and A Beautiful Mind on Video. Somehow, I think 5 movies should hold me over for the evening. And I know I have enough quarters for 3 loads of laundry, so that should get a lot of stuff good and clean.

Tomorrow, I am going to head over to cms's house some time during the afternoon and hang out over there. Probably do some geeking out, movie watching, eating, etc.

Sunday will be NASCAR and Football day.

I also have a ton of work to get done this weekend. It's gonna be a CRAZY weekend, see.


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