Ugh ...

I think I am still on CA time, this is NO good. Work is gonna SUCK tomorrow. I do think I am going to take Tuesday off though, so maybe that will help. Heading to the Other Ones tomorrow and Tori Amos on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday will probably be laid back (well, Wednesday will be, at least ;) Friday is up in the air, Saturday I have a dentist appointment in the afternoon to get 2 more teeth fixed (some day this will be all done) and then a party which I am considering going to for Lukas's birthday. Could be fun, but don't really know anyone going, so I may try to drag a person or two.

Hmm, the acting governor has meningitis, that's not good, but it looks like she is ok.

Lots more proof of my girls are insane theory this weekend :) Are there any sane women out there? It's not like I have high standards, I just want someone who is freakin sane. I keep meeting girls who do not meet that one standard. Obviously looks and intelligence are important, but I see to be able to find girls with those things, but not ones that are sane. Argh.

The weather this weekend blew. Can it go away please? Now saying rain will end by daylight, that's nice, since I really don't want to drive in the rain again.

OK, time for bed. Hopefully I will fall asleep soon.


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