What a difference a day makes ...

It's funny how different one day can be to the next. Yesterday, my whole day was interupt driven and to a maddening point. Every time I got started on something, something else came up. Now, may of these thing were minor and just needed a minute or five of my time, they were just enough of an interuption (as I was not my usual self) to totally ruin any progress, thought given, etc to the task I was already working on. Just was a very frustrating day.

Today, on the other hand, I am totally chilled out and relaxed. I got in early (8:45, yes that is very early for me), had 2 meetings which both went smoothly, and then got the tests that were frustrating me to no end yesterday to start working correctly (well, the DB load of the tests). At the second meeting I got assigned a new project, which could be very interesting. So, today has been a calm day, just letting my database build go in the background and starting to get materials for my next project together. I just finished downloading the User's Manual for the product I will be working with, so now it will just be some time reading up and getting prepared to do this work. Much nicer than yesterday.


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