Funny Memories ...

Many moons ago when I worked at Bluesky (a local ISP, not the Robohelp guys), we did some work for the Massachusetts division of the American Cancer Society. I basically did up their web site (this was back in the days before everyone knew HTML). I remember the irony of me sitting there and smoking a pack a day and working on this web site. It was rather amusing and many of my friends pointed it out to me. We also got involved in their Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. We even had shirts made up with the walk's logo on the front and ours on the back. Well, I still have the shirt and am wearing it today. This evening, while walking over to Walgreens to buy cigarettes, I realized the irony once again and thought back to the days of working for Bluesky. It was fun times and much easier than the world I make for myself these days.


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