Sit, Rollover, Good Founder, Have a Lead

I got linked over to this memo over on Neat idea by the partners over at Taos. E-mail your former employees and try to get them to do work for you, so you can eventually hire them back (which will probably add to more leads, as their current employer probably won't want to lose them). A nice little plan. The guy does seem rather sincere in his wanting to know how people are and the hope to bring them back.

I have special interest in this because I come from a consulting company. I find it interesting that this CEO took the time out and actually wanted to hear from his former employees. This is something that I could NEVER see coming from my former boss. And I don't think it would come with anything resembling a good reception. Most people I am in communication with from my old company have major issues with the people who run the company and how things were done. I think most would find this sneaky and and deceptive rather than a nice gesture.

I could use the $2000 though :) I do have some former Taos friends. I wonder if I found them some leads they could split the money with me.


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