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So, I went over to Mitch Kapor's Weblog this evening as it had been mentioened on Slashdot and piqued my interest since it was talking about building a new Outlook stype PIM. This was especially interesting to me, since I do as much as I can to help out the Ximian guys work on Evolution. I submit bug reports often, get on irc to help out other users, and even do some bug triaging. I was wondering why someone would start another project like this when there are all sorts of others out there.

It seems like the reasoning is thet he doesn't want an Outlook clone, but a whole new idea behind the PIM. Also, he wants to make the product OS independent. Seems like it is going to be interesting, but I don't see why a whole new development is necessary for this.

The biggest thing that I saw was his Jabber backend to do things like contact passing between people and stuff. Very interesting. I don' t think it will scale in the least, but ok. He mentioned it will not require a server, but I don't see this as a good thing. I would much rather have an LDAP DB, IMAP server, etc to keep all my information in, it makes me a lot more portable. It's nice to be able to access anything anywhere :) There is some level on syncing, but if I jump on my mom's computer when I am at home, it is much easier for me to fire up mutt in a telnet session and access IMAP and LDAP than have to figure out how to sync an application on the local machine.

I will probably keep some track of this, not going to sign up for the mailing list just yet, but soon, maybe, to see how things are going.

Oh, and the last thing. He talks about how he wants to be all open source and this that and the other thing, but I don't see any anonymous CVS information up on the OASF page just yet. No open source til they figure out what the want to do? I dunno, just thought that was strange :)


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