I know what ya mean ....

Tim posted this the other day. I read it and I felt a little bad for him, but then after thinking about it, I totally know what he means.

I think this weekend, which involved a whole lot of doing nothing and then drinking at the regular bar in the evenings really reminded me of that. I really had no motivation to do anything all weekend. I tried to move from the TV and start things a couple of times, just to get nowhere and go back to watching nothing on TV. It just was not good.

I seem to have lost all my motivation. Its not just in one thing, its everywhere. I don't seem to have the drive to work hard and do things anymore. I just am drifting through life doing what I need to do to survive, but in the end not really feeling much or caring about anything. It's really not a fun way to live life. It's to the point that I don't even care to go drinking or to hang out. I would rather sit around alone and do nothing.

I need to find things that make me happy again. I think I need rto discover some new things, or go back to some old (like guitar) and really follow them. I still love to code, I just can't find anything that can keep my interest more than a few days.

I know I have lots to do this week, maybe if I get in to a good swing of things, I will keep myself going and head towards a little more motivation, but who knows.


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