Slacker ....

So, I have been a slacker here lately. Just haven't felt all that inspired to write and haven't really had much to write about. Hopefully I'll get a little better this week. I got a couple of movies in this weekend, so I will write them up at some point. Hopefully I'll try and keep up with the news and going ons on the Net this week as well.

My birthday is this Thursday. Should be a good time. I'm trying to get all my friends to go out on Thursday to go see the guys in Central Basement. My liver is already trembling. I have way too many hard core drinkers as friends :) Friday night a small group of us are going out to play some pool over at Boston Billiards to celebrate Tim and my birthdays. Becky and Vinnie are supposedly doing all the organizing, so thanks to them. And then I think there will be some pre-partying on Wednesday as well. It's going to be a scary week.

Hopefully all this stuff (and the short work week) will help inspire me a bit. I definitely feel like I have been in a rut as of late. Basically doing the same old stuff all the time. I really would like to continue playing guitar. I was good for a few weeks, but have fallen off some since.I went out to California. I also really would like to be doing some more reading. Keeping up on the web sites (this one and my dream theater sites) would also be a nice thing.


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