Money Money Money ...

I hate money. I really do. Mostly because I do not have enough, but also because it runs my life way too much. (I think those two go somewhat hand in hand). If I had more money, I think I would be able to live life the way I want to live it instead of having to make decisions based on not having the money to do them.

I'm already starting to stress about the fall and winter, because I would like to attend a number of concerts. The big ones would be The Other Ones, Rush, and Phish. Also, there is the Dream Theater show which I already have tickets for, though I owe my buddy cash for em. These are all arena shows which mean they will all cost a decent amount of cash, at least $50 each. Plus, the Phish show is in NY, which means travel expenses. Even if I am already home in NY and just crash with a friend for the night in the city, its still going to cost some money.

I just wish there was some way that I could make some extra cash on the side somehow, or even get some easy consulting work that I could do at night. Not sure how happy work would be about that, but that is an issue I can deal with at some other point. I figure as long as it is not affecting my day time work, I should be fine.

Other money issues ... I stayed home today, didn't feel well at all when I woke up, still kinda iffy, but much better than first thing this morning (and NO, I DID NOT GO OUT LAST NIGHT). While home, I dealt with bills (now you see why I am complaining about money) and did a bunch of work around the house. I tried to clean up the living room some. I also did some work on my bedroom, which is a disaster area now. The biggest thing I noticed while doing all this? I need some more furniture. I need another set of shelves to put all my magazines on, a real entertainment center (I should take a pic of my fake one), and some night tables for my bed. Those are the big ones right now, but in the end, that all costs cash, which I don't have, so here the cycle repeats.

I also mentioned yesterday that there is LOTS going on this week. I really want to attend tomorrow, but since I know I am going out on Thursday for the game, I probably should not. It is a 6-10 type show, so it may not be too bad. Who knows?

So, in the end, I just hate money running my life. I joked earlier about starting a "Tour Fund" or something, but somehow, I don't think enough people read here for me to get any real money and I don't think that is the best way to make money.

My one other idea is a web idea (big suprise!). Maybe once I get the new Mindstorm machine up and running, we can start selling more services and maybe actually start making cash off that, instead of just sitting there making enough to keep the machine up and thats it. That would be a good thing, especially if it meant little time with decent returns. Even and extra $200 or $300 a month would be nice to have.

In the end, I just need to figure all this out. I know a lot of people will say, get on a budget, but that is difficult for a number of reasons, the biggest one right now is trying to play some catch up with past due bills that don't allow me to figure out who I owe what to, until I get paid.

I guess I just need a sugar momma :)


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