Busy Busy Busy ...

Today I should be being a lot busier than I am right now. I am headed out to San Francisco tomorrow morning (at the ridiculous hour of 7AM) for LinuxWorld. I will be working the booth for my company. I haven't done a long show like this in a long time. Not since the days of working at the now defunct local ISP Bluesky. Hopefully I will get some time in around the show to check out what other people have in their booths. I plan on bringing my digital camera, so hopefully I can snap some good shots as well. I especially can't wait to see what is in the Microsoft booth. Should be real interesting.

But on today's list of things to do is laundry, pack, go buy black pants, etc. I also want to try and clean the house up before I go. It's always nice when returning from a long trip to come home to a clean home. I wanted to go to Lukas's party tonight, but it starts at 10 and I have to be at the airport at 5. Somehow that doesn't work out all that well.

Time to start doing some stuff :)


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