A bunch of interesting sites ...

First is the DVD Viewer's Choice Award, as part of the DVD Awards. You can vote for your favorite DVD of the year right here. This one is definitely a tough choice for me. I've gotten a bunch of good DVDs this past year. I think two of the top ones on my list would be Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back as I am a huge Kevin Smith Fan and Almost Famous: The Bootleg Cut which I thought was a great extended version of an awesome movie.

Next up is the Don't Link to Us! site. This site basically contains a continuously updated list of web site with ridiculous linking policies. Basically companies that really don't know what the web is all about (and especially don't understand what blogging is all about. Some amusing stuff. I think my favorite is companies who say you can "refer" to them, but not "link" to them. Uhhh, eh?

The third interesting site I have seen today is BlogTree. This site is trying to become a genealogy of Blog sites. Basically the people who inspired you become your parents and it goes from there. Interesting concept. It will be interesting to see where they get in terms of people signing up and linking up.


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