Ya Gotta Love Pud ...

aka Phil Kaplan. First off he went and started fucked company. He then went and wrote a book about the dot com bomb. Well, now he has come up with a whole new way to piss off companies. He's started a new site, internalmemos.com. It's a site containing internal memos that he has received from people. The NY Times put out an article all about this site.

I find this most amusing since about a year ago someone from my former company sent one of these internal memos over to Pud. It even made it to the new site and you can see it here.

I find it all amusing. It will be VERY interesting to see how many times he gets sued or at least have legal action threatened against him. We'll just have to watch.

Oh yeah, the last reason to like Pud, he's a Dream Theater fan and is on the Ytsejam mailing list :)


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