A Strange Weekend ...

It was definitely a strange weekend newswise. First off, on Saturday, I heard about the airshow crash in the Ukraine. It now seems that they are holding some military officials on charges that they made errors in preparing for the show. Some of the pictures I saw of this, including the ones on that cnn page, as well as this one., this one, and this one. Very scary stuff. I can not imagine being witness to something like that happening. Sad to see people trying to enjoy themselves and a tragedy such as this happening.

The next piece of news was a much happier one. One that I hope can inspire people. That of course would be the news of all nine miners making it out alive. I have to say, I was very sure that there was no chance of them coming out alive and when I saw something flash by on the TV this morning I was amazed. It was a real nice feeling to see that both the people ground and the miners trapped below never gave up hope and in the end triumphed. Just a very happy story.

I think its weird the contrast in the two stories. First off, you have 83 people killed in a tragic accident and then you have 9 people who I would say were almost assumed dead come out alive. It's both tragic and inspiring. I think it also has to make you think that you never know when your time will be up. I mean, imagine going to an air show to see some cool plan stunrts and end up dead or even just injured. Not at all of what you were planning. It really makes you think about what should be important in your life.


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