Four Months

It was four months ago today that I smoked my last cigarette. Even though I officially "quit" a week before, I was still smoking on occasion for the next week. Basically, I finished off the pack I had and then quit.

Four months later, I am feeling pretty good. I still get minor nicotine fits from time to time, but most of them are so minor I hardly notice them. Both while still on the patch and for a while after stopping the patch, I was chewing gum like a madman. Today, I don't even have any gum on me.

So, overall, I think it is going pretty well. I have not gained a ton of weight like I was worried I might. I did start out doing some exercise early on, but that has fallen off some. Now that the weather is nice, I really should get out and try doing some level of it. I guess the first step there is going and buying some sneakers (yes, I don't own sneakers, shush). The one good thing is that I still do walk pretty regularly. I would guess I walked 10-15 miles last. I really should get a pedometer or something to keep track of that.

The big milestone in my head will be the 6 month mark. I figure if I have not had a smoke in 6 months, I am doing pretty darned good.


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