Happy St Patrick's Day!

Well, it's not as ugly out there as it was yesterday, but it's definitely not the 60 degree and sunny day you hope to see for St Patrick's day, especially when it's on a Saturday.

Unless something changes drastically in the next little bit, my plan for now is go see the Hockey East final (UNH vs BC, go UNH!) over at the Garden tonight and then I may sneak out for a beer or two afterwards. Much different from the year's past when I would get in to a bar before noon and not leave until they closed :)

Small possibility I will wander over and see Scott over at Hennessey's for a drink or two before the game, but most likely not, I really need to catch up on housework :)

Whatever you are doing today, make sure to drink plenty of water and be careful, the streets are slippery!


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