Continued Momentum

So, after getting home much later than I would have liked last night, I continued my cleaning momentum. I got four loads of laundry done (the joys of an empty laundry room) and cleaned out another drawer from my filing cabinets.

The amazing part of cleaning the filing cabinets is just what I have kept (and moved MULTIPLE times) over the years. I found bank statements and cancelled checks from an account I had when I was in High School. I graduated high school almost 14 years ago and I still had stuff from this account. Just plain scary.

I've got one more filing cabinet drawer to do tonight. After that, I can go through and file the stack of paperwork sitting on top of the filing cabinets (and probably toss a whole bunch of that as well). The sad part is I have 2 two drawer filing cabinets. Once all this cleaning is done, I am going to have 1 to 1 1/2 of the 4 drawers full. Guess it will be time to start saving stuff up again :)


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