Goal for the week

The combination of my busyness and laziness has led to a rather nasty sight in my bedroom. I have a TON of dirty clothes. I have done a good job of getting enough laundry done to get me through each week, but have let a lot of stuff just pile up.

So, I have set the goal for this week to get through all of it. It probably means doing something like 2 loads a day. Yes, I have that many clothes.

The secondary goal of this project is going to be getting rid of clothes I don't want/need any more. I did some cleaning up when I moved in here, but never finished. So, hopefully by the end of this week, I will have a whole new set of clothes to give to charity (or throw away as will be necessary with some of the really old stuff) and will have a closet and dresser full of clothes I will actually wear on a regular basis.

Here's hoping this works out.


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