Eclipse Question: Versions and Date Tags?

Here's a question for the good old lazy web.

So, I have started using Eclipse for some projects at work. Slowly I have been learning some of the functionality it is helping me with. I am using it for Python development and the python extension for Eclipse is pretty good (at least for what I am using it for).

So, now that I am really making some progress on this project, I want to make sure I have things versioned and date stamped to make sure old versions don't end up out on my servers and whatnot. Since I am not currently using a version control system, I was hoping I could do this right in Eclipse.

In the past when I used CVS, I was able to put $Id$ and some other things in a file to get it to have the versioning information. Is there something similar I can add to my files in Eclipse to put version information or last changed information or something like that in?

Since I don't allow comments (until I can figure out a better solution for them), please just send mail to skadz at the domain you are looking at this on :)



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