Ten Days

So, as amazing it is to me, I haven't smoked in 10 days. Very strange. Definitely having some issues at times, but most of the time I am ok. Having a very hard time keeping my thoughts straight. Since, I don't have those breaks from time to time, my mind tends to wander, worse than it did in the past. Hopefully, I will get over this soon. I've had mostly good days. Had a few "evil" days over the weekend that I really didn't want to deal with people and was almost at the "fuck it, I'm smoking" point.

I did have a few drinks here and there over the weekend, which was one of my biggest worries. I survived pretty nicely. And last night, I actually went out in Boston and survived as well. This is starting to look pretty good. I even had the patch off for about 3 hours this afternoon and wasn't completely dying.

So, hopefully, I can keep it going. I definitely still have cravings, but hopefully they will keep dying down.


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