Had a super busy day in the office today, so I sadly missed Talk Like A Pirate Day. I actually thought of it recently when I heard a commercial on BCN recently where the guy starts talking like a pirate.

I have a very love/hate relationship with days like today. I was a good kid and was in work by 9AM this morning. I knew I had a bunch of meetings, so I checked e-mail and some blogs (my aggregator is currently OVERLOADED). I then did some things I needed to do for one of the meetings. At 11AM, the meetings started. At 4:15, the meetings finally stopped. Four meetings with 3 sets of people, had to have one meeting twice.

I basically ate lunch (which had been sitting around for over an hour by the time I got to it) in 2 parts. The first being between meetings, the second being during a meeting with the phone on mute. By the time 4:15 rolled around, I finished a couple of things left over from the morning and headed home.

The reason for the love/hate relationship is I don't feel like I got anything done today. I didn't get any project work done which is much closer to the truth. I did have 3 calls with partners that went real well and hopefully will advance some upcoming stuff quickly. I also had a meeting with a potential client which I think went real well (at least the hour I was there seemed to :) So, I know I did things to move some stuff forward, but I have a couple of things lingering over my head (which have been lingering for a while), which I didn't get anything done on and REALLY need to. Just seemed like a very mixed up day.


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