Off to LinuxWorld

I'm off to LinuxWorld in San Francico tomorrow afternoon. Looking forwawrd to a nice week in San Francisco. Sadly, I'm not stayin at the Palomar like I usually do :( We'll be showing off the BladeFrame in the AMD, Intel and Novell booths. We also have a talk scheduled at the Red Hat booth on Tuesday afternoon.

This show has gotten more and more business focused over the last few years. The first year I went (2002), it was still kind of geek/student filled. Now, it's lots of suits. This is actually a more enjoyable format for me as we can't sell equipment to students, they can't sign million dollar POs :)

I am glad to be headed out on Sunday, it will give me an extra day to adjust to the time change. I still hate it. Especially with a week in one place. You get used to the new time zone and then have to switch again. I really don't understand how folks like Joi switch time zones all the time, it would drive me batty.

Well, if you are in the SF area, let me know and we'll grab a drink this week :)


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