Relaxing Weekend

After a mad week of fun leading up to July 4th, this past week at work was rather difficult. Hard to get back in to the flow of the work week. I decided to spend this weekend relaxing. I spent much of the time on my couch, watching movies, playing with the computer, catching up TiVo, etc.

It was nice to just relax and not have anything to do. I need these weekend more often. Hell, I could use a good two weeks of this. It was nice not having to think too much about what needed to get done. I did catch up on a few important things though, which was good.

Now, back to the grind this week. I think it should be a relatively easy week. Hopefully going to get a lot done on a coding project I am trying to put together. Have a few meetings with customers and potential customers, as well. Hopefully everything will go smooth.

Oh and I finally got my outgoing e-mail working again, so if you have been waiting on e-mail from me, you should have it now or else should be getting it real soon now :)


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