Busy Week

I've got a majorly busy week coming up this week.

Tuesday is Liz Phair at the The Paradise. I can't freaking wait for this show. Seeing her at Avalon a bit back was fun and all, but this should be incredible with it a) being at the Paradise, b) an acoustic show. I'm going with Lukas, who I haven't seen since last summer, so I'm pscyhed to get to see him too.

Wednesday night is poker night. I've missed the last 2 games, so I'm looking forward to getting back in to the action. Since I last played with these guys, they've built an all out poker table from scratch, so it's going to be fun to actually play on this table.

Thursday night, Craig (Houston Craig this time) gets to town. We'll probably hit the Bell and maybe Clarke's for a few cocktails.

Friday night, Craig and I are hitting the Sox game. We've got great tickets, so it should be a ton of fun. After that, we'll probably hit Sam's Cafe @ Cheers to see Sweep the Leg play. Probably won't be a late night, as I've got an early morning....

Saturday, I hit the road. Heading to Long Island. Got an early ferry. Will get my haircut while I am down there. Then, probably a chill night hanging out with the nephew (oh yeah, and his parents and my mom ;)

Sunday is the baby's christening. I'm the godfather. Are you scared? The church should be :) After the christening, there's a big party.

Monday will be a recovery day, chilling and cleaning and stuff. And then, I think I'll probably head back to Boston on Tuesday.

All in all, a crazy week :)


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