Welcome to June

We have made it to June. With May being just UGLY weather-wise, I'm hoping for a much better June. Got lots going on in June too.

First off, there's actually a Fakers gig this week (Thursday @ Shennanigans(sp?) in Southie). It'll be nice to see these guys play.

Next, a couple of shows this month. Friday, Gov't Mule with Robert Randolph and the Family Band are over at Harborlights. (Yes, it is and always will be Harborlights). I LOVE this venue, so I'm psyched to head over there. Hopefully Mother Nature will cooperate.

Next week, we have Ozomatli over at The Paradise. I've only seen these guys on Austin City Limits, but have heard all sorts of good things, so I'm excited to see them.

The Paradise also has Karl Denson's Tiny Universe on the 14th, but Don says he is out, so not sure who I can get to go to that with me. I would like to go though, great band.

The end of the month brings even more fun and craziness with Craig being in town from June 25th to July 3rd. I'm pretty sure I'm taking the whole week off to accomodate for the constant flow of alcohol that will accompany that week. I think we're even going to try and hit a Sox game that week, which will be the first of the season for me.

Hopefully, I'll also get a weekend somewhere in there to go visit the new nephew, I hear he's getting a lot bigger.

There's also one other semi-big thing going on this month, but I'll save that for when it comes.


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