Movie Weekend

Spent much of the weekend on the couch catching up on Netflix and some TiVo.

Closer. This was a cool flick. A little hard to follow at times, since it jumped around a bunch in time, but otherwise I liked it. Natalie Portman half naked in parts was also a plus :)

Ray. This movie was incredible. It is amazing that Ray actually survived as much as he went through. Definitely an incredible soul and an amazing musician and I think this movie was a great representation of his life.

Napoleon Dynamite. Cute movie. I've heard the more you watch it the more you like it.

The Battle of Shaker Heights. This was the last Project Greenlight movie. I definitely saw a lot of potential in this movie, but it fell a bit short. I think this may be a byproduct of Project Greenlight. I've been watching the current season and I can see where things might cause the movie to stray from what seems to be an excellent concept to a so so movie.


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