Desk Re-Org

Been trying to re-organize my desk here at work the last few days to hopefully make myself more efficient.

The first step I have taken is moving some of my laptops closer to me, so I can easily access them and use them during the course of the day. In the past I just used these laptops for trade shows and not for my daily work. Now, I am trying to use them to get more done.

Right now, I have 3 of the 4 laptops set up. Directly in front of me, I have my full time laptop, which currently runs Fedora Core Development. This handles all my e-mail, general web, irc, IM, blog reading, etc. Basically, this is the catch-all.

To the left, I have a machine I installed Novell Linux Desktop on yesterday. This machine right now is designated to 2 things. First off, playing with NLD9. I've heard good things from the Novell folks, so I want to play around and see how it is. The second is to use this machine to set up for LinuxWorld.

To the right, I have a Windows XP machine. This machine is going to be used for all the Windows stuff I am currently working on. This will get me out of worrying about incompatabilities and whatnot.

Hopefully, using three machine will help me get more things done, we'll see. It may just make me more scatter brained.

That was step one. Next steps include cleaning up all the paperwork laying around my desk, removing the big monitor that I don't use, cleaning up all my wiring, and then trying to add the 4th laptop (and maybe a 5th) to the setup.

Once I get it all done, hopefully I will have a very useful work environment where I can get a lot done. And then maybe I will post some pretty pictures on Flickr.


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