TiVo HMO on Linux

Spent some time today trying to get a TiVo Home Media Server set up again on my Linux machine, so I could listen to the music on my machine through my stereo.

A while back I had set up byRequest and it had worked ok. I grabbed the latest CVS today and started playing with it.

In a "recent" version (quotes because it hasn't been updated in like 6 months), the developers added something they called transcode. This allows media types other than MP3s to be played via HMO. I thought this was great since a lot of my collection is in FLAC and SHN (from downloaded concerts).

I added information for FLAC in to the configuration file and was ready to go. I figured this would be all I needed to do. Boy was I wrong. It continuosly told me that it could not find a transcode method for the file type.

I hate haven't done any serious C coding in a long time, so this was going to be interesting. I spent a bunch of time adding in debug to spit things out to the log. This showed that the stuff I added in to the configuration file was being picked up. I kept tracing the code until I found where it was setting the transcode method. Put in a debug line here, restarted the server and I got the same error and no debug line. Wait a second!

Went back in to the code and saw that the code I just asked to spit out information was in an IFDEF'ed section. So, I looked for another time this was being called. It wasn't! Eureka! I looked again at the IFDEF and saw it went too long. Fixed the IFDEF and things started working again. Woot!

So, the patch is here: byrequest-noxm-transcode.patch.

Glad I can now listen to all my shows via my stereo without having to burn them out to CDs.


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