Hurry up and wait

With the release of Fedora Core 3, the development branch of Fedora is back in full effect. I noticed yesterday afternoon that the blue check had turned in to the red exclamation point, so I knew I had some updates. I moused over and I had over 160 updates, WOOO! Tried to update, but it seems that not everything has been re-compiled with the new updates yet :( Slowly, fixes are coming in. Updates are up to about 180 now, but still a few missing packages before this mother update can go in. Hopefully it will get there in the next day or two. Some highlights:

Python 2.4.0
GCC 3.4.3
Firefox 1.0RC1
MySQL 4.1.7

I can't wait til everything gets updated :) Yes, I am a geek.


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