Hunkering Down

After my plans to go to Maryland to visit my cousin for Thanksgiving fell through, I decided it would be best to just stay at home and relax and play some catch up for 4 days.

After braving the traffic on 495, I hit a wide open 90E and flew home. 90W, on the other hand, should have been renamed to the Mass ParkingPike or something. It was full from Boston to 496 and beyond. Glad I wasn't going that way.

I relaxed for a bit after getting home, being my normal lazy self, but then decided I should take care of some things. So, I hit the food store and made sure I had enough food to get me through until Monday. Then, I hit the convience store and made sure I had enough smokes until Sunday.

Basically, I am ready for a weekend of not leaving the apartment.

Because I am prepared for a nice long weekend in the apartment, I have a very long list of things to do and an even longer list of hopes to do :) Hopefully, I'll blog through instead of just vegging out in front of the TV for 4 days.


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