Hump Day

has a very large hump today. Hopefully, I can get over it.

Ever since I got a nail in the sidewall of one of my tires a few months back (just days after a major repair job on the car), I have had a fear of flat tires. Because of that, I pretty much check all 4 tires each and every time I get in the car to make sure none are flat. It's just part of my ritual of driving these days. I know it may seem neurotic, but I do it each and every time.

So, this morning, getting in the car at a decent hour (8:20) instead of some of the rather later times I have gotten in to my car in the last few days, I notice that my front tire is flat. Argh! This is not how I needed to start this day. I got all my stuff out of the car, set the alarm and headed back in to the house to come up with a plan. Contemplated calling AAA. While thinking about that, I realized, I hadn't really checked the spare. So, I headed back out to the car, checked that the spare was ok, and grabbed the manual for the car.

Spare was fine and the manual said it could do 65 for 3000 miles. OK, I have a good spare, what to do next? I decided to read up on how to change the tire (hadn't done this in a long time and never on this car). It seemed rather easy, so I headed out to do it.

The one minor glitch in the tire changing process was that the car was too close to the curb to raise the jack, so I had to move the car ever so slightly. Other than that, things went smoothly. Thank God.

Headed back to the house, got all my stuff, again, and headed out on the road. The drive went rather smoothly considering I had the donut on. Pretty much got in the right lane and set the cruise at 65. Since it was almost 10 by the time I left the house, didn't have to take it off the whole time between 128 and 495. Made it much easier, since I tend to be a fast driver.

So, now I get to find out if I need a new tire or not. I'm hoping not, my wallet can't really afford a new tire at the moment.


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