Amazon Tech Support Rocks

Through what could probably be determined to be a large fault of my own, I ended up with 2 Amazon. This would not have mattered much except that I actually used both accounts in some way. Amazon has a WONDERFUL feature of being able to have accounts with the same e-mail address and different passwords. I think this is how this trouble started.

One account was linked to my Amazon Associates account. I use this for both this site and my Dream Theater site. I actually make a little money here and there from it too :) So, I need this account.

On the other account, I have my EXTREMELY large Amazon Wish List. Also, I have the credits from my Amazon Associates account applied to this account, so I even have a positive balance on this account.

Moving the whole wish list to the associates account seemed rather difficult. And moving the positive balance would probably be even harder. On the other hand, creating a new associate ID and re-urling all my sites would be just as little fun.

So, I e-mailed Amazon tech support and asked for some help. I asked if they could combine the 2 accounts, figured it was worth a shot. Well, I got a reply from them this afternoon that they have done just that.

Thanks Amazon!


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