Clerks 2

From AP via News Askew:

LOS ANGELES - Kevin Smith is making another convenience store run.

The writer-director of "Dogma," "Chasing Amy" and "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" told the Associated Press on Friday that he has begun work on a sequel to "Clerks," his homemade indie classic from 1994.

I'm not really sure what I think of this. I loved Clerks, love it more every time I see, just so much to digest. So many little jokes that are just funny every time you see them (37!).

First off, Kevin had sadi J&SBSB was the final movie in the Jersey Trilogy (Yes, it was a 5 movie trilogy). He felt he didn't want to use those characters again. He said he made J&SBSB as a homage to the fans of the movies and as a final chapter. (Yes, I am paraphrasing). For these characters to come back so quickly worries me.

Second, they say this is going to be set 10 years after the first movie (and since Clerks X is out any day now, it really is 10 years). It also mentions in the release something along the lines of it being a movie about getting past your 20s and growing up. The reason Clerks is so good is because its about slacker 20 somethings sitting around bullshitting about life. If this is some sort of coming of age movie, it is going to ruin that piece of it.

The last thing I don't like is Kevin said he was inspired by the making of the 10th anniversary Clerks DVD. My worry here is that he is going to re-use a lot of material.

Kevin is one of my favorite writers and directors, but I just fear that if this is done wrong it could do bad things for his career.


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