Sleep not coming

Man, I have been exhausted all day and now that I finally try to go to sleep, I'm sitting with eyes wide open staring at the TV (and now the monitor).

Spent the afternoon hanging out with gnome-girl. Headed to an early dinner as we were both starving. Then she decided to be domestic.

Watched the season finale of Alias. Of course, more questions opened than answered. Brier told me that they are not going to come back on until January so they can do like 22 straight weeks of Alias with no repeats. That will be neat, but the wait is going to be way too long, especially with all the un-answered questions. I really need to get the early DVDs of Alias. I don't know the early stuff all that well, just saw a couple of episodes here and there.

Saw Welcome to Mooseport as the movie on the plane. It was ok. Had me laughing a bit. I'm not really sure how much I like Romano though. He seems to play the same kind of character as his character on his TV show.

Also watched Scary Movie 3 on the laptop. Was cute, but still wan't all that great. It was basically like the first two, but more Zucker humor. This series has been somewhat disappointing in my opinion.

OK, enough late night rambling.....


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