Public Speaking

On Sunday, right after I arrived in San Francisco, I learned that my co-worker who was supposed to come out and support the trade show with me was ill and was not coming out. No big deal as I have done shows on my own before and pretty much have become an expert at it.

Well, the no big deal changed yesterday evening when there seemed to be some confusion to who was going to be doing the talk at the Intel booth. I had been told one of the other people I work with was going to take care of it, she never heard anything about having to do it, etc. Mass confusion.

So, now it turns out, I have to give a presentation on a slide deck that I saw for the first time about an hour ago. Aiee! I can do nice small presentations in front of customers with my eyes closed, but having to get up in front of an audience to do a presentation I have never seen before it a bit more difficult.

Well, here's hoping it all goes well.


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