Monday Morning

Good morning. Sitting around in my room at the Hotel Palomar chilling out. Listening to some Phish and just playing catch up.

I totally dig this hotel. It's very rock star with lots of fun ammenities. The in-room stereo is a nice thing to have, instead of having to blast tunes through my computer. The TV programming is rather amusing too. There is a Yoga channel that just does yoga lessons all day long. Also, there is a serenity channel which plays nice music with pretty scenes in the background. Very San Francisco.

The free Internet access in the room is great too. The hotel seems to have a very nice pipe to the Net too. I'm downloading Fedora Core 2 CDs at a very nice pace. Trying to get this machine up to a more updated state, since I am trying to fly without the net of my normal machine due to last week's unpleasantness.

I notice between yesterday and this morning that trying to watch TV without TiVo is rather difficult when you are so used to skipping commercials and watching a concentrate of stuff you like.

I've noticed I've gotten very good at rambling here lately, deal with it for now, eventually I'll have some better content :)


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