Cleaning it all up

I mentioned last week that I was slowly trying to get things done bit by bit. Well, this has turned in to a full scale spring cleaning. My goal here is to really make my place in to the place I dreamed it could be when I first moved in. This is going to take some effort by in the end I think it will really be worth it.

I've been thinking since I moved in, I wanted my place to be a place for my friends to stop by, hang out, watch some movies, play some video games, or just to sit and chat. I want it to be a viable alternative to going out, I guess. Would be nice to have somewhere that people felt they could drop by whenever and know they were going to enjoy themselves.

I put a bunch of money in to my apartment when I first moved in to do some of this. Things like the new couches, surround sound system, the PS2, etc. Now, I've added things like the WiFi connections, the TiVo and a whole bunch of kitchen appliances.

Now, if I can just finish up some of this cleaning and make the place a nice clean place to hang out, I may just have the next cool place to be in Boston.


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