IRS Automation

So, I have some old taxes that I still need to deal with. Got a couple of letters from the IRS and sent them some money, but I still owe them a bunch. As I have mentioned before, I'm no good at making phone calls where there is some possibility of conflict, so I have been putting this one off.

Well, I was PLEASENTLY surprised this morning when I went to do this. I called the number on the sheet and the computer asked me for my SSN. I pushed it in and got some options about what I needed to do. After that, I was asked by the computer if I wanted an extension or wanted to set up a payment plan. I selected payment plan and figured this is where they were going to send me to an operator. Nope! Next the computer asked me how much I wanted to pay each month. I pressed in an amount. Next, what day of each month would you like your payment to be due. Typed in the 22nd and continued. It then asked me to confirm what I had filled in. I did and it told me that a letter would be out to me in 10 days whether or not they accepted my plan.

How cool is that? Complete automation. I didn't even have to talk to a person. Sad to me now that I pushed this off for so long, I could have already been a few months in to a payment plan if I knew it was going to be this easy!


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