Utility Computing 101

Acquisitions to Boost HP's Utility Computing

(I'll try not to make this sound like too much of a commercial)

I find it amusing that legacy hardware vendors like HP, IBM, Sun continue to think that the utility computing dream is going to be achieved by throwing software at it. Legacy hardware is not designed for utility computing, it's designed to be seperate systems that run individual tasks. Adding a layer of software just adds a layer of complexity which makes things even harder to manage. The whole point of utility computing is to make things easier. Making the computer a resource takes a different design than the machines out there today. The problem is these companies cannot cannibalize their current desktop and server markets by developing new technologies, they need to try and layer their current products in with a new scheme and it just won't work.

The Egenera platform was built specifically for the data center and is perfectly suited for utility computing. It's built in to the product, not something that is just layered on top of existing computers.

OK, I've definitely spent too much time with my marketing folks, so I will stop now. Yes, I work for Egenera.


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