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I've followed SJU since I was very young. It's my Mom's Alma Mater, so it was ingrained in to my head from an early age that they were the team to cheer for.

We had great sesason tickets for many years. The Red Storm (formerly Redmen) are probably one of the teams I have seen play most. I even worked as a ball boy at Alumni Hall for a season.

Since moving to Boston, I have lost some touch with the team. I will follow them here and there, but unless they are doing some more than just being mediocre, I don't spend too much time following them.

I knew things were not great with them this season. I noticed on My Yahoo that they were losing to teams that shouldn't have been early on in the season. I also heard about Jarvis being fired. But, since then, I really have sort of just stopped paying attention. That became very clear after reading this article. I didn't realize the program had gone this far downhill. Players getting suspend and thrown off the team, drug charges, late night adventures to strip clubs, nothing at all good for a college basketball team (yes, that was me qualifying). It sad to see a team with so much tradition having this many problems. Hopefully they can finish this season without total shame and then spend a lot of time getting this team back to what it is known for next season.


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