Red Sox Nation Ridiculousness

I really don't get the Nation. Somehow this one trade has made people think that they were going to easily beat the Yankees to we have no chance and the evil empire has struck again. If _ONE_ player is going to make a team so great, WHY have the Rangers been buried in the bottom half of the standings the last few years? Yes, he is good, but I don't think he is good enough for people to be this nervous. The Yankees have a VERY lacking pitching staff this year. Even if they get Maddux (which seems to be suffering from conflicting report syndrome right now), they still have a VERY weak pitching staff. They lost _THREE_ of their best starters. Getting one 38 year old guy to replace those three is not going to do it. People just need to CHILL out and enjoy the amazing team the Red Sox have put together this year and not worry about the one or two guys the Yankees have picked up. Think about all the names they have lost: Andy Pettitte, David Wells, Roger Clemens, Nick Johnson, Alfonso Soriano. And don't forget Boone with the injury. Their staff is a bit disceminated, I don't think the suicide watch needs to begin just yet.


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