MS Code Leak

Microsoft Confirms Source Code Leaked Over Internet

This really bothers me. I would assume a lot of this has been out there for a while, but now that pretty much anyone can get their hands on it, how quickly are new virii, hacks, etc going to come out? I would guess in a couple of weeks after people have had some time to really analyze the code, we are going to see some major hacks coming about. Hopefully enough white hats get a copy of this that they can find the bugs and report them to MS quickly. The only worry there is that the latest "critical" patch from MS was on a bug that was reported to them over 6 months ago.

The only good thing that could come out of this is people taking the time to comb through the source and really get all the problems out of MS Operating Systems, since even with all their programmers they can't seem to do it themselves.

Hmm, another worry here. Was this code "leaked" in an attempt to let MS to start suing Linux users claiming their code is now in Linux? That's an interesting one. Seems as if SCO's lawsuit is quickly going down the tubes and since it was backed by MS (yes, not officially, but giving SCO a million for licensing fees was supporting the case), maybe MS is trying to get in to the fray themselves.


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