The new T prices

OK, I am really annoyed with the new T prices set by the MBTA. The extra 25 cents for the subway causes more problems than good. I go to the Prudential Center T stop normally. There is no collector there, so you have to use the automated machines. Probably 50% of the time, the machines are broken or are just accepting change. Well, in the past, you could just throw a dollar on the T and be done with it. Well now, unless I have a quarter in my pocket, I will have to put 2 dollars in. Well, an extra 75 cents just because I didn't have the quarter is just ridiculous. Last night, in the freezing cold, I walked all the way to Copley just so I didn't have to pay the extra 75 cents. It was rather cold last night (somewhere around 0), so this extra walk just plain sucked. The T either needs to have their machine be MUCH more reliable and serviced much more often or else, they need to have manned tellers at every station.


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