On The Road Again

On my way back to Boston this morning. I was supposed to return yesterday, but fell hard to an illness that racked my whole body. I'm still not feeling great, but at least I'm awake and not getting sick any more. It will be very nice to get back to my apartment and sleep in my own bed (or at least on my couch). Also, the cat will be very happy to have me back home.

LinuxWorld was good. I think we got some good leads out of it, but only time will tell. I was actually presenting more than anything else at the show. We did a demonstration of how to build up a server on the Egenera platform every hour or so. I think I did my presentations pretty well. Somehow I didn't get nervius at all and just went right through what I needed to do.

The only bad thing was between presentations and making sure everything was ok at the other booths Egenera was in (Intel and BEA), I didn't have a ton of time to check out the show floor. I really would liked to have seen what some other companies are doing, especially some of the smaller and newer companies. Also, its always fun to see what the competition is doing.

Got to see a number of friends from my old company who were wandering the floor. Nice to see some of them, especially a very good friend of mine who I haven't seen in years at this point.

Going back to Boston on Monday is going to throw me some. I already took a sick day today, so I won't have to worry too much about work, but I already have too much to do without even thinking about work. First thing is I need to clean out my e-mail. I got a lot while away and never got a chance to read much of it. Going to be an uphill battle. Task two is to clean out the aggregator. I have almost 3000 posts in it. That's going to be a priority on the Amtrak ride back to Boston, so hopefully that will be done before I even get to my apartment. The next thing is a week of TiVo recordings. I did a good job of thinning out what TiVo would record while I was gone, but its still MANY hours of TV to watch. Also, I should have recieved my package for a PS2 game I was supposed to start beta testing last week. That's going to take up at least a couple of hours a night if I want to do it right (and be involved in future beta tests). I also have all the other normal stuff you need to do after a week away. Things like shopping, cleaning, going through the snail mail, etc etc. So, very busy day today and the next few.

With snow on the way for tomorrow night and in to Wednesday, I may get an unexpected work from home day or two this week, which will help getting caught up on some of this stuff. We'll see what happens though.


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