Fleet does something good!

I figure since I bitch about Fleet bank as much as I do, I ought to credit them when they do something good. Friday night, I headed to the ATM to grab some cash to learn that I was $100 short in my account. This annoyed me to no end. I had figured out where my cash situation was just a couple of days before and I knew there should have been more cash in the account. Saturday afternoon, I remembered to check Homelink (Fleet's online banking) to see if I missed something. I then saw something suspicious. I had 2 ATM withdrawl for Thursday from across the street from each other. I knew I had gone to one ATM, gone through the whole process of getting cash out and then gotten a temporarily unavailable message and the machine spit my card out. I then walked across the street and pulled cash out of the machine across the street.

Well, I finally called Fleet today to get it dealt with. The people on the phone were very nice and helpful. I went through the process of the claim and then the woman on the phone said the strangest thing, the thing I didn't think would happen. She told me my account would be credited the money by midnight tonight, though the investigation could last another 6 weeks. I was in shock. Fleet is actually giving me my money. How nice of them. Now I just have to sit and wait for the day that the money magically disappears again if they decide to deny the claim for some reason. The only way I can see that happening though is that if I somehow walked away from the machine and it actually gave me my money and somehow I didn't see it. I know this didn't happen, but it would piss me off if that's how they ruled.


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